Angels & SkunksHighlights From the Life of Michele Roby Eastman*

Prologue: Growing Up Roby

Michele Sue, the fourth child of Carolyn Sue (Beck) and Edgar Barnett Roby, was born on February 2, 1970 and endured groundhog jokes most of her life. So I won't continue them here. Also she maintained a height of less than five feet her entire life thus enduring the obvious short jokes. I'll also put an end to those here. She grew up in the 1970s in Fort Wayne, Indiana with her sister Cynthia Lynn (Murphy), brother Christopher Edgar and myself, the oldest brother, Jeffrey Alan. Though born last she quickly maneuvered her way to a position of power at the head of the family. It was NOT a hostile takeover. We were her minions and this is the story of my witness to the life she loved and the many legacies she left in her wake.  

Adult Chapter: Becoming an Eastman

In 1990 Michele married Brian Eastman and they eventually settled into their newly built dream home near Churubusco, Indiana. Brian designed and built homes while Michele ran a daycare center and worked as a teacher's aide for the school system. They became parents to Emmily Anne and Sammuel Barnett. Michele, born with one 'l' to her name wanted her children to have more than she and thus they were adorned each with an additional 'm' to their names. This metaphor held true her entire life as she always focused on what she could give to others. Her family, friends and the many children she cared for were recipients of the huge legacy of love that emanated from her spirit.

This book, Angels & Skunks, is a remembrance of childhood stories, growing up in middle America in the 70s and 80s, along with being a celebration of her achievements as a mother and contributor to the education system.


"Angels & Skunks" tells a story of childhood innocence, of big brothers and little sisters, of love and loss. Author Jeff Roby’s experience with all of these perspectives give a unique insight to a life journey that for many is too familiar and for others is a 'there but by the grace of God go I' reflection."

–Ruth Stanley, Freelance Editor/Writer

"What a beautiful story–the reality of someone in their last moments is something most people have never experienced. I am in tears. I felt like I was in the room, feeling helpless and not knowing how to comfort. The reader becomes part of the journey of being strong for her. Beautifully written."                  –Michelle Brockes

"Cried my d@mn eyes out...the book was great!"

                              –Anonymous sister

"I LOVED the book! I'm so glad you told the end of the story honestly and without 'softening' the reality of the disease. And the funny reflections of life in the 60's–I could see it in my mind and relate to it fully."

–Jeannie Logan, Vocalist/Teacher

"Your book brought back wonderful memories. I loved the stark honesty of your writing. Thank you for bringing her story to others."

–Jackie King Huber

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Though her life ended tragically, I fully believe that she lived every moment to the best of her ability and treasured every second of earthy time that she was able to spend with her family and friends -- especially her children who became the primary focus of her short life. In her last hours her biggest dread was having to leave them and not enjoy the development of their lives. But she gave us the biggest gift possible and I feel confident that her spirit is in close proximity to the daily lives of her children. So, Emmily and Sam, you better BEHAVE YOURSELVES!

Angels & Skunks: Highlights From 

the Life of Michele Roby Eastman 

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